Storage & Maintenance

How should I store my wood?

  • The best way to store your wood is in a well ventilated space protected from direct rain and kept off of the ground to allow the air to circulate

How long has the cord wood been seasoned for?

  • Different timbers season at different rates. Our seasoned timber is barn stored and allowed to dry gradually over time.


Is delivery free?

  • Delivery is free within a 20 mile radius of Faringdon.

What does tipped mean?

  • Tipped, is when we tip the truck and loose volume of wood will fall back onto your driveway for you to put away

What if I’m not in to receive my delivery?

  • No problem, if being tipped it will be left as instructed. If booked for stacking, we sill stack as agreed.

What if it’s raining on my delivery?

  • We delivery come rain or shine. We will happily put a cover over the wood if one is provided


How do I pay?

  • Payment bank transfer details will be on the invoice with the delivery. We can also accept card payments. Cash or cheque can also be handed to the driver on delivery.

Cancellation and Complaints

What if I need to cancel my delivery?

  • No problem to cancel, but we do ask for 24 hours’ notice. Either email us on or call 01367 358804 and leave a message

How do I make a complaint?

  • In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied please contact us as soon as you can by either calling on 01367 358804 or email We will aim to respond to you within 2 days of receiving the complaint.